Building Complete Pitchers


Why train with Velo Pitching?


Customized Programming

Why train the same if no two athletes throw the same? YOUR program is based on YOUR individual needs. We tailor each program based on what you require to crush your goals.


1-0n-1 coaching

You get time to work 1-on-1 with coaches that are fully invested in your development. In a team setting, there is little time for individual work. Working with a dedicated coach allows them to be fully aware of your needs as a pitcher. 


Comprehensive Training

This is not just a throwing or training program. This is a program that sets you on the path to becoming a complete pitcher. Through constant assessment of your progress, we are able to continually revamp your program to meet your changing needs.



My name is Tyler Soucie. I am the Director of Athlete Development and founder of Velo Pitching.

I strongly believe that pitchers and athletes alike can be built. However, they cannot be built using a "cookie-cutter" approach. Since no two athletes are the same, they should not throw or train the exact same way. My aim is to take an individualized approach to development and help pitchers build the best possible versions of themselves, both on and off the mound. 

My coaching philosophy is simple. I take the tools you already possess and I help you realize their full potential.

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